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Avple- A Powerful Pronunciation Tool

Avple- A Powerful Pronunciation Tool

Avple, short for audio-visual pronunciation learning, is the next big thing in the language learning world, after Duolingo and Rosetta Stone (both of which are also very useful). Avple offers an extremely versatile way to learn how to pronounce your new language’s words, but at its core is its revolutionary free audio-visual translator technology. Read on to find out more about avple and how it can benefit you!

What is an Auditory Visual Pronunciation Learning Experience?

Avple is a unique tool that allows users to hear words in an activity center and see them on a corresponding image. It teaches students pronunciation through both auditory and visual associations, while developing skills they will need to communicate in English later on. The goal of Avple is to give learners something fun to do while practicing their English, which will greatly increase motivation. Avple can be used by individuals or with entire classrooms or even entire schools!

How does it work?

Avple uses a unique approach to help English learners master pronunciation. Avple works on two levels: The first involves listening to and learning pronunciation from native speakers. The second is a custom feature that allows you to record your voice, then compares it to native speakers. This allows you to identify any pronunciation errors and makes it easier for you to get feedback on how to correct them.

What kind of learners can benefit from AVPLE?

Today, learning is no longer limited to classrooms. In fact, a recent study by Global E-Learning Insights found that 91% of U.S. consumers take advantage of some form of digital learning every day. This has created a demand for tools that make it easier for us to learn at home and on our phones.

Who created it?

Avple was developed by students at BYU in 2007. It was created to be used as a resource for foreign language learners and teachers, but is just as applicable for English language learners, ESL teachers, and anyone else who needs to work on his or her pronunciation skills. The creators are grateful that they were able to secure a spot on Google’s App Engine platform during their first year of development; without it, they would not have been able to grow Avple into what it is today.

Can I use AVPLE with my own language(s)?

Yes, AVPLE can be used with any language as it is not dependent on what a specific language sounds like. It is designed to work with all languages in a similar fashion.

Where can I find all the languages available in AVPLE?

Head over to our languages page. If a language isn’t there, it may be because we haven’t recorded it yet! Use the contact form on that page to ask us about recording your favorite language.

How much does it cost?

Avple is free for every user. The service will also never sell your data. Avple is entirely supported by advertisements. As well as donations from users who appreciate our service and wish to support it financially. There are no premium plans or paid upgrades on Avple.

What else do I need to know before getting started with AVPLE?

It’s important to note that Avple doesn’t work like most other pronunciation platforms. First, it only focuses on vowels, so you don’t need to worry about consonants, which can make things pretty complicated. That also means there are no real deadlines for completing an Avple lesson. This could mean you feel a little frustrated if you’re not seeing immediate results. But it also makes Avple super useful for learners at all levels.

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