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Cast White Chicks

Cast White Chicks

Want to make fun of white people? Then cast them in stereotypes about themselves in movies and on TV! Trust us, white people will love it! This video from Funny or Die does just that with casting crazy white chicks in classic movies like Dirty Dancing, Titanic, The Lion King, and more! The clip is just another one of those satirical videos that puts some much-needed perspective on race and gender issues that our society faces. We especially loved their explanation at the end of why they titled this Cast White Chicks. Hilarious!

Why Cast a White Chick?

Have you ever seen a movie where all of the good guys are black and all of the bad guys are white? And did you think to yourself, I wish there was some way I could guarantee that would never happen again? Well, we have your solution! Cast a white chick in your next movie! When Hollywood is so overwhelmingly focused on telling stories about minorities they need some time off.

Even More Reasons To Cast A White Chick

Casting a white woman in your movie can bring more to your story. It can cast doubt into audience’s minds about whether or not racism exists, for example. Or maybe you’re an idiot who thinks casting white women is better in every circumstance? Well, I’ve got more proof that it definitely doesn’t hurt. Here are seven even more reasons to cast a white chick in your next film.

When In Doubt, Cast A White Chick

There is a certain amount of comfort that comes with watching a television show or movie, and not having to worry about whether or not you will see yourself represented. This sensation is known as White Privilege, which is an expression based off of white people’s inability to relate to a person who isn’t white, due to lack of experience. While I understand that every network has it’s own demographics they cater too and all that jazz, but c’mon Hollywood!

So You’ve Cast A Great Actress. Now What?

The casting director plays a huge role in every movie or TV show that’s made, but few people pay them much attention. If you want to be a successful director, casting is just as important as getting that perfect shot. How does casting work? What does it take to cast an actor for your next project? And how do you avoid making common mistakes during casting sessions? Read on! We’ve got everything you need to know about cast white chicks right here!

So You Have An Angry Producer… Now What?

If you do cast a white chick and it comes back as race-bent, that angry producer might well make trouble for you. But it doesn’t have to turn into an ordeal; all you need is a simple plan to handle him or her effectively and professionally. Fortunately, StudioBinder has prepared a quick step-by-step on how to best handle that situation.

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