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How Old is Eri in My Hero Academia

How Old is Eri in My Hero Academia

How old is Eri in My Hero Academia? She’s 14 years old, but how old will she be in the future? What’s her real name?

Who is Eri?

While not a main character, Eri holds a special place in many anime fans’ hearts as she has been around since episode one. But how old is she? And what’s her story? We take a look at her back story, relationships, and more.

How Old Is Eri?

In the series, Eri has brown hair and blue eyes, but she usually wears her hair down and covers her eyes with a pair of glasses. She’s also very thin. There isn’t any other information about how old she actually is. As far as anyone knows, that’s just how old she looks.

Eri’s Appearance Like:

According to Wikipedia, Eri’s birthday was March 19th. This can be found on her cameo page on Boku no Hero Academia Wiki. When compared to how old Midoriya and Bakugo are, it’s easy to see how old she actually is. At first glance, you would probably assume that she would have started school around Midoriya’s age and graduated when he was just starting high school.


Eri has telepathic abilities. She can read minds, influence thoughts, and sense emotions. She can even transmit her own thoughts to other people by talking. In addition to reading minds and transmitting her own thoughts, she is also able to see into other peoples’ pasts. This ability was used once in Independence Day when Izuku Midoriya asked for advice about One For All: Genesis.

She has any abilities from her parents:

She has any abilities from her parents? – Quora. She also seems to be able to replicate Shiketsu’s Spin technique, albeit on a smaller scale. The fact that she can use such advanced techniques at a young age, along with her exceptional mobility and general ability as an evolver make it likely that she has inherited some level of quirk power from both her parents.

Eri Will appear again:

In chapter 77 and 78, she did not appear as she was still recovering. She made her first reappearance in chapter 83. Her next appearance will be on a cover page of volume 14 of Boku no Hero Academia.

Superpower Does Eri Have?

While many fans believe that Eri has a super power, many also believe that her only power is her ability to make others think she has powers when she doesn’t. The reason for why people think she does have powers has everything to do with how strong of a character she presents herself as and how much people want that to be true. The main reason people think she doesn’t have a power is because there hasn’t been anything presented that points to her having one… yet.

Relation Between Eri and Her Horn:

The main story of My Hero Academia begins with a young boy named Izuku Midoriya. Midoriya has a dream to become a hero and constantly tries to impress his pro-hero idol, All Might. Unfortunately for him, he comes from a world where everyone has powers, called quirks. Having no power puts him at a disadvantage among other would-be heroes, so he must have his quirk naturally implanted into him by All Might himself to stand even the slightest chance of achieving his goal.

Overhaul Use Eri’s Blood For?

The speed-enhancing power of Eri’s quirk—and her body, as we find out at one point—can be used to augment All Might’s. But it doesn’t make sense for an 11-year-old child to spill her blood in order to help a hero who fights gruelling battles every day. The use of her bodily fluids seems cruel, and even though she says she doesn’t mind, it certainly reflects poorly on him.


In my hero academia (known as Boku no hero academia) there are various theories related to how old is eri. Currently a theory exists that states eri’s age according to calculations, making some say he may be younger than most people think. But with many other theories exists stating how his age makes him older, creating quite a debate on how old is eri.

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