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Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is the Perfect Workout Companion

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is the Perfect Workout Companion

The Liteboxer fitness bundle has everything you need to take your training routine to the next level. From carrying all of your workout supplies with you on the go to making sure that you have everything you need when you reach your destination, this bundle has all of your bases cover!

The 5 Minute Exercise Routine

Do you feel as though your regular workout routine isn’t cutting it anymore? Break out of your plateau with a quick exercise routine that takes no more than five minutes. A great way to exercise more efficiently, these workouts will have you feeling energized and refreshed in just one week!
To get start, take a look at the liteboxer fitness bundle website. The bundle includes an instructional DVD with multiple exercises that target different parts of your body and workout routines for various difficulty levels.

10 Minute Exercises To Do At Your Desk

Create a designated work-exercise zone by investing in a treadmill desk, chair with casters and arms so you can stand up to stretch, as well as a liteboxer fitness bundle for intervals.
Having all three pieces of equipment will allow you to take advantage of quick 10-minute workouts that require little to no transition time (since you are already sitting). These mini sessions have been shown to have significant health benefits including improv blood pressure levels and decreas stress levels. Plus, it’s easier to keep tabs on your routine when you can fit exercise into your day without having to go out. And best of all, if you want more intense or longer workouts there are plenty on YouTube!

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18 Fat Burning Cardio Exercises

New Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is the Perfect Workout Companion

You may be limit on time, space, or equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work up a sweat. Grab a set of Lite Boxer Gloves and use these 18 Fat Burning Cardio Exercises to stay in shape anywhere! All it takes is one set of gloves and about ten minutes of your day. That’s less than half the time it would take for most other workouts. So if you’re crunche for time, these are perfect exercises to squeeze into your schedule. Not only will they get your heart rate up and calories burning, they’ll also strengthen muscles all over your body!

7 Bodyweight Exercises For A Bigger Backside

Training your glutes can take many forms, but one of the best exercises to help you beef up your backside is bodyweight exercises. Whether you prefer high-rep sets or heavier weight loads, these seven moves will have you thanking yourself for giving your booty some love.
The first move on our list is the donkey kick and it’s a great way to target those hamstrings, butt, and quads. Set up in a deep squat position with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and toes pointed outwards. Keep your arms at an extended 90 degrees while performing two sets of 10 reps each. If this feels too easy then try holding weights (2-3 pounds) in each hand as you perform the movement.

6 Moves For A Tight Core

Crushing your core is just one of many benefits of abdominal exercises. Abdomen exercises will tighten your core and make it stronger, but they’ll also have a positive effect on everything from posture to breathing. The key to these movements is knowing how to best engage your muscles and stay in proper form throughout the moves. Here are six of our favorite abdominal exercises that can be done just about anywhere!
Plank: It’s not only great for developing strong abdominals, but it also improves back strength, improves posture, builds arm strength and endurance, and makes you more resilient to injury.
Lying Crunch: Lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle as you raise chest up off the ground while bending over at the waist. Be sure not to pull yourself up by pulling with arms; use abs instead!

6 Lower Body Exercises To Get You Stronger

Sometimes it’s not easy to get a full workout in, especially if you can’t make it to the gym. The best thing you can do is take what time you have and create a full-body, home workout that keeps you motivated and helps you make progress every day. Here are five lower body exercises that will help build your strength so your workouts become more efficient with less physical exertion:
(1) Jumping squats–Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend down into a squat position and jump as high as you can, switching your legs in the air;
(2) Straight leg deadlifts–Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bend at the waist until you feel an arch form in your back then slowly straighten up again;
(3) Reverse lunges–Start by standing on one leg with your other foot forward and knee bent. Step backwards with your front leg until both knees are bent 90 degrees and return to the starting position. Switch sides for each rep.;
(4) Lateral lunges–Standing tall, step out to one side with your right foot while bending both knees 90 degrees. Return to start position before stepping out on the left side;ZZ
(5) Step ups onto bench–Face away from a bench or sturdy box that’s about knee height.

My Experience with the Liteboxer Workout Planner

My experience with the Liteboxer fitness planner was what I was expecting, with some minor changes I might need to make to achieve maximum results. What I liked most about this planner was that it had so many different workouts in it that I would never have thought of on my own.

Lower Body Exercises To Get You Stronger
Lower Body Exercises To Get You Stronger

The basics are there, but they are supplement by a range of cardio and resistance training options. My only issue was not being able to incorporate all of them into my routine because they didn’t fit within my time constraints. It is understandable though, considering how much information is packed into one little book. Overall, it’s a great tool for anyone who needs to get themselves back on track or has been struggling with weight loss and wants to find an easier way to maintain their progress.

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