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Wgog “The Golden Corner’s Radio Station” 

Wgog “The Golden Corner’s Radio Station” 

Wgog News brings to the citizens by the Golden Corner’s Radio Station which is none other than Wgog 101.7 FM. The areas that are cover this regional radio station are Pickens, Oconee, and Anderson in South Carolina. The radio station concentrates on this tri-county area and provides news to the local citizens.

Apart from providing news, there are many interesting things like flea markets going on in the Wgog radio station. With decades of experience, the radio station has intertwined with the lives of people in the tri-county area. They have become inseparable and people listen to the station all day.

Why do people prefer listening to Wgog News?wgog

Radio stations are generally considered very useful since people can update on local news quickly. Drivers of trucks and cars can listen to the radio and know about the weather condition. They can also learn about the happenings around their locality. Television can watch only when we are at home.

Unlike TV, Radio news can listen wherever you are irrespective of what you are doing. This is a great advantage of local and regional radio stations over other forms of communications. Wgog News also has this edge over others and has been around for decades. This is because of the fact that it constantly updates reliable news to people of the tri-county area.

The interesting meaning behind the name “Wgog”101.7 WGOG

The Wgog radio station is owned by Appalachian Broadcasting Co., Inc and is located at Walhalla, South Carolina. Federal Communications Commission has given license to the Wgog radio station to serve the tri-county area. The commercial radio station has the call sign of Wgog and there is a reason behind the name. Wgog stands for W Garden of the Gods which is actually the nickname of the town of Walhalla. Walhalla is situated in the Oconee County of South Carolina.

Get constant updates on the local news!

Wgog News lets people know about various incidents that happen in and around the area. Despite being a regional radio station focusing on local news, national news is also offered by Wgog. People can hear about the current events happening all across the country. Local news and events taking place around the neighborhood will be consistently updated to the listeners.

Listeners can know what is happening in the government offices and even about promotions. Also, the station lets people know about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Statistics about the number of Covid cases and the deaths due to the pandemic are constantly broadcast. Awareness about the pandemic is created among the people by the Wgog FM. It encourages them to be safe during difficult situations.

Check the Wgog website for the Event Calendar!

If there is any marathon or fundraising event, Wgog lets people get firsthand information about them. Citizens of the tri-county area can actively engage in such local events and offer support. The radio station has an official website where a calendar is provided. The calendar is filled with events happening each day. If you want, you can click on the link provided in the calendar to know more about an event.

This official website has many categories that are listed out at the top for convenience. If you want to know about any specific thing, you can easily find it. Also, the programming schedule along with timings of the Wgog News is also given on the official website. A Facebook page is also present dedicated to the Wgog FM station. This page is followed by more than 6000 loyal followers.

Buy and Sell things through the Flea Market program!

Apart from Wgog News, the FM station also has many other programs. The flea market is a popular program conducted by the radio station. Through this program, people can sell their stuff or buy stuff that they want. The program starts at 9.05 a.m. and ends at 9.20 a.m. on all weekdays.Flea Market wgog

A list of items in the flea market will be provided too on the website of the Wgog station. This is a beneficial program for the local people to sell and buy among themselves without any hassles. They can mail their stuff and just call the Wgog radio on a particular date and time. However, the sale through flea markets can only be done by individuals and not businesses.

Announce your Yard Sale through Flea Market Program!

Along with selling and buying things, one can even make use of this program for yard sales. On Fridays, the radio station allows participants to call and let everyone know about their upcoming yard sale. Even pet animals can be sold through this flea market program. Lost and found animal listings can be done via the program however people cannot offer their services or rentals. Selling and buying firearms is also strictly prohibited. The Wgog News station creates a safe space for the locals to buy and sell stuff which is absolutely fantastic.

Advertise your Business with Wgog 101.7 FM!

If you are a business looking to promote your brand, you can use Wgog FM station. Business owners can approach the station by calling them for advertising their brand. While the flea market serves individuals, the station also supports local businessmen through advertisements. Wgog station is dedicated to its service to the people of the tri-county area.

Want to Know the weather condition? Turn on Wgog 101.7 FM!

Wgog News also includes forecasting weather and people can listen to know about upcoming weather conditions. It is an extremely important service that is extended by the radio station in service to the local people. Information about weather conditions is provided 24/7 by Wgog FM and it is quite accurate.

The reason behind this is that Wgog is directly connected to the National Weather Service from which it obtains weather information. Thus we can assure that the information on weather is highly accurate. If there is any bad weather condition approaching the tri-county area, Wgog FM warns people about it. Tri-county area people completely depend upon Wgog weather news during unfavorable weather conditions.

Get to know about sports-related news!

Are you a fan of sports? Then listen to Wgog news. It brings you the news that is focus on sporting events and tournaments. Sports-relate events that are happening in the locality and high school matches are announce on Wgog FM.

Even on their website, there is a separate category dedicate to sports news. The radio station knows that there are many sports enthusiasts out there and caters to their needs. Local sports heroes are feature in the news and upcoming games can be known from the news.

Invaluable Asset to the Tri-County Area!

Wgog News is an invaluable asset to the tri-county area. It serves the people who are local to the area with much-needed news constantly. The staff at the radio station behave in a friendly manner. Their voices catch the hearts of thousands of people who feel like they are listening to a neighbor talking.

All the staff talk in a heartwarming manner. They make the listeners feel engaged all along. People of the Oconee County and listeners of Anderson and Pickens love the Wgog FM. In Oconee County, Wgog FM station always comes first in Arbitron radio ratings. Thus it is evident that the local community supports the FM station and loves it.

Enjoy Country Music With Wgog FM!

Wgog News is not the only component of the Wgog FM station. The radio station also broadcasts country music in addition to news, sports, and weather. The country music format is use by the radio station.

The news information is complement and affiliate to ABC Radio News and Westwood One. The programs of the FM are interactive and actively engage the listeners. Local community information is regularly update 24/7 through the Wgog 101. 7 FM. Apart from the local listeners, people who travel through the tri-county area also listen to the Wgog FM.

Grieve along with the Local community!

Local communities are usually tight-knit and any incident that happens is consider as important. Most importantly, if anyone dies, the whole community grieves for their loss. Thus Wgog News station also announces obituaries letting others in the community know about people passing away. An entire section on their official website is dedicate to this obituary category.

Auction conducted by Wgog FM Station!

Wgog FM station also conducts auctions on specific days. Information about the items available for auction is provided in detail on their official website. Also, the retail price of each item is provided in the listing along with a picture.

People who are thinking of participating in the auction and buying items can visit it. They can also give a call to the station even before the auction starts to get a bidder number. Wgog has many such interesting events planned for the local community people.

Know about Hiking and other recreational activities!wgog

The tri-county area is a popular spot for recreational outdoor activities. Mountain biking, hiking in the trails and picnics are the famous outdoor activities in this region. The region is also home to the popular recreational lake Hartwell. Many tourists visit the lake and enjoy boating and picnics.

There is also a trail there near the lake where people can hike. The Wgog News serves as the main radio station to these areas and millions of tourists who visit. Other popular areas are the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lake Keowee. News about hikers and the weather condition of the trails are announce by the staff at Wgog 101.7 FM.

Access the FM station through Mobile or Computer!

Another special thing about Wgog News is that you can listen to the FM even via computer. Even if you have a mobile phone or tablet. You can still listen to the radio station. All you have to do is visit the official website of Wgog. As we have mentioned earlier, there are many sections on the website.

Each is dedicate to a separate category like news, sports, weather, and obituaries. There is a category consider as listen live. And you can click on it to listen to the radio online. Great country music is just a click away from you with Wgog 101.7 FM. Whenever you drive through the tri-county area, don’t forget to listen to the country music of Wgog FM.

Don’t Miss the Golden Corner’s, Morning Show!

Another appealing feature of the Wgog News is the Golden Corner’s, Morning Show. This infamous show has become much of a tradition to the people of the tri-county area. They listen to this show each morning and enjoy it. The show begins early in the morning at 6. a.m. and ends at 10 a.m.

This particular show is decades older and hence identified as the “Community Voice” of the region. Dick Mangrum is the dean of news reporters in Oconee County. “The Golden Corner Gospel Program” is also one of the famous program’s hosts Tom Rusk on Wgog 101.7 FM. Thus, there is no single area that the radio station leaves untouched and serves as an all-rounder.

Win Prize at Wgog Contest!contest

Wgog News station conducts a contest and distributes prizes. There are certain rules to participate in this contest. People should be eighteen years or older to participate in it. Also, they should be residents of Georgia or South and North Carolina legally. There is no need for those interested to participate in purchasing anything.

However, employees of radio stations located in the area specified cannot participate in the contest. The contest, terms of the contest, and the timing will announce by the radio station.

The prizes can be of anything like show tickets or concert tickets or anything else. Only one entry will allow for each person and one winner will announce every 30 days. The contest is held to encourage people to listen to 101.7 Wgog FM.

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